Rob Bowyer

Rob has been helping people and teams test software in a rapid and cognitive manner for over a decade. As a coach and leader, Rob focuses on mentorship and enabling testers to succeed. With a strong foundation in the context driven school of testing Rob has had experience in a wide variety of domains – including healthcare, mobile, education and municipal. In his own back yard – Waterloo, Ontario in Canada, Rob maintains a stewardship role in his local software quality association (Kitchener/Waterloo Software Quality Assurance or KWSQA). Rob initiated a regional testing conference – which has been running successfully for 8 years. When not focusing on one-on-one mentorship with local testers, Rob runs an event called The KWSQA Testing Games – where testers get together to test the software of a local tech start-up in a social environment. In his current role, Rob not only leads a team of testers, he assists his organization in its adoption of Agile development practices. He is also currently helping the organization transition to a DevOps model of software development and delivery.

Speaker Details:

Rob Bowyer – QA Manager, eSolutions Group
Twitter: @robbowyer
Past Events: CAST Vancouver, QA or the Highway, Let’s Test, CAST Madison, TWST

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