Henrik Andersson Henrik Andersson

Henrik Andersson is CEO and founder of House of Test, consultancy based in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and South Africa. We help companies increase their efficiency by improving and reconstructing their testing. I believe that we grow and become better by sharing knowledge and learn from others. I do this through the context driven testing community where I am a well know and respected face and voice. He is the co-founder of the world renowned Let´s Test conference with the purpose to provide a home and learning ground for our community.

Speaker Details:

Henrik Andersson – CEO, House of Test
Twitter: @henkeandersson
LinkedIn: Henrik Andersson
Websites: House of Test, LetsTest.com, CommonSenseTesting.org
Prior Speaking Event: STPCon, CAST, Let’s Test, EuroStar, Oredev, Agile Testing Days

STP Radio: Test (R)evolution III – An Expert Panel on Software Testing

Listen to “STP Radio: Test (R)evolution III – An Expert Panel on Software Testing – STPConS17” on Spreaker.

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