Ben Simo

Ben Simo in a consulting software tester who accidentally stepped into testing in 1991 when he was hired as a ‘data collector’ for a US Government testing project. In the 26 years since, Ben has learned and applied his skills as a software investigator for companies large and small; spanning a variety of industries, including: defense, healthcare, finance, education, marketing, cloud computing, and more. Ben approaches software testing as a cognitively complex activity that requires critical thinking, an understanding of both people and technology, effective communication, and continuous learning.

Speaker Details:

Ben Simo – Consulting Software Tester, Quality Frog
Twitter: @QualityFrog
LinkedIn: Ben Simo
Past Events: STPCon, PNSQC, STAR East, STAR West, EuroSTAR, Testival, GLSEC, FROSSTcon, SQuAD, CAST, WOPR

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