Keynote: Future Horizons – Mapping Out the Next Decade of Testing

Big data, autonomous vehicles, and blockchains – every day we are faced with a technology change, whether it is a new adaption of something existing, or a fundamental change we would never even have been able to imagine. But it is not only technology that is changing; the users and how they use technology are changing too. Traditionally testers have primarily thought of users as human but as more and more systems are connected, there are more and more non-human users. Are we as testers advocates for all users, human or not? Similarly, our use of technology has expanded and it is now an integral part of everything we do, from buying food to exercising.

Consequently, software testing will have to change too, but how? The tester role, the skills required to test, and our test approaches will continue evolving and advancing, and to be able to adapt quickly enough we need to scan the horizon of technology and try to map out the future of testing. In this keynote, I will look past the flavor of the day to discern underlying technology trends and try to understand how they will impact the future of testing in the next decade.

STP Radio: STPCon Keynote, Workshop, and Session Leader Christin Wiedemann

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Location: Grand Ballroom Date: March 16, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am Christin Wiedemann